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Instrumented Electric Impact Hammer
Instrumented Electric Impact Hammer
This product is CE Compliant
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Electric Impact Hammer

Model 086M92ES

The Model 086M92ES Electric Impact Hammer is an industrially packaged, heavy duty impactor ideal for applications that require repeatable force inputs.

Originally designed for industrial applications, the 086M92ES can withstand millions of impacts under high duty-cycle so it will last a lifetime.  The externally mounted force sensor provides an accurate measurement at the point of impact.

The hammer includes an industrial foot pedal to trigger impact, or has contact closure triggers.



  Rugged design to last a lifetime.

  Modal Analysis

  Repeatable force input.

  Automated impact testing

  Reliable operation, impact after impact.

  Resonant Acoustic Testing

  Interchangeable force sensor.

  Structural Integrity

  Unmatched customer support.

  FEA Model Verification