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Excitation Stingers
Excitation Stingers
This product is CE Compliant
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Excitation Stingers

2100 Series

An excitation stinger consists of a thin, flexible rod, with attachment means at both ends. The stinger transmits force in the stiff axial direction and flexes laterally to reduce input side loads to the structure. This uniaxial force delivered by the flexible stinger increases the accuracy of the measurement. The stinger also helps to isolate the exciter armature from the structure, lessening inadvertent shocks and possibly preventing damage to a fragile exciter armature. Likewise, the stinger can protect a fragile structure from large, inadvertent excitations.


  • Provides convenient excitation connection
  • Alleviates need for alignment accuracy
  • Reduces force sensor measurement error
  • Isolates fragile exciter armatures
  • Adapts to different mounting threads

2100 Series Excitations Stingers are available for all through-hole armature shakers.