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Shaker Setup
Shaker Setup
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2100E11-001 Shaker Accessory Kit

For 2100E11 Shaker

The 2100E11-001 Shaker Accessory Kit is supplied with every 2100E11 modal shaker.  The kit contains stingers, chuck, collets, adapters and wrenches used to connect the electrodynamic shaker and test structure.  Spare fuses and extra flexures are also included. A carrying case allows all accessories to be stored in an organized manner and safely transported from location to location.

Shaker Accessory Kit

1.  Stinger Kit 2150G12
2.  Stinger Kit 2155G12
3.  Stinger Thumb Nuts (QTY 6)
4.  Piano Wire Kit K2160G
5.  5.5 mm Wrench and Turnbuckle
6.  M6 Nuts (QTY 5)
7.  Two-part Chuck
8.  M6 to 10-32 Adaptor
9.  Hex Wrench
10.  Flexure Supports (QTY 16)
11.  Hex Wrench
12.  0.5 mm Collet
13.  1.0 mm Collet
14.  1.6 mm Collet
15.  2.5 mm Collet
16.  3.5 mm Collet
17.  Fuse (QTY 2)
18.  Wrench 13mm (QTY 2)