Microphone Comparison Calibration Software

Calibrate via Comparison Method | 910 Option

Microphone Comparison Calibration Software Model 9155D-910 adds IEC 61094-5 support to the Precision Sensor Calibration Workstation Model 9155 software. This software-only option allows Model 9155 customers to use their existing acoustic coupling device such as a Microphone Comparison Calibrator Model 9917C from The Modal Shop, and existing reference microphone, to calibrate microphones via a standard comparison method.

Microphone Comparison Calibration Software Model 9155D-910 support includes the data management, test execution, application of pass/fail criteria, and report generation capability that make the microphone workflow familiar to Model 9155 operators.

Also, the 9155D-910 software supports frequency response correction to measurement data. Correction data is offered by microphone manufacturers for each model (aka type) of microphone. Namely, these corrections are typically known as free field and random incidence field corrections.

  • Calibrates microphone at reference frequency (typically 250 Hz)
  • Tests frequency response of the microphone
  • Applies frequency response field corrections
  • Applies pass/fail criteria
  • Automatically generates reports that are easily customized
  • Allows data to be saved to and recalled from the 9155 database