High Range Microphone Comparison Calibration

High Range Calibration Chamber | 919 Option

 cal 9919c product 1The High-Range Microphone Comparison Calibrator offers calibration to 20 kHz of both precision condenser microphones and electret array microphones according to IEC 61094-5. The calibrator is available as Option 9155D-919 for use with a Precision Sensor Calibration Workstation Model 9155D.

Acoustic Microphone Calibration Systems offer precision placement for the diaphragms of the microphone under test and reference microphone. Both microphones are then exposed to a sinusoidal sound field. By comparing the outputs, the sensitivity of the microphone under test is calculated in a pressure field. This is typically performed at various frequencies to measure the frequency response. Microphones designed for free-field, random incidence (reflective) fields, and A-weighted response are supported by applying real-time field corrections using the Precision Sensor Calibration System 9155D Software.


  • Calibrate acoustic microphones from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Standardized technique per IEC 61094-5
  • Calibrates both condenser and array microphones
  • Supports ½” and ¼” microphone form factors
  • Calibrate with or without removing grid cap


  • Accredited metrology labs
  • Noise source identification
  • Automotive NVH
  • Flight test acoustics
  • Vibro-acoustic testing
  • Consumer and white goods product development


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9155D-919 Option
Frequency Range20 Hz - 20 kHz
Expected System Uncertainty – 250 Hz0.25 dB
Standards ComplianceIEC 61094-5
Measurement TechniqueComparison
Measurements SupportedSensitivity, frequency response
Actuator Model9919C

The 9919C Series is available in three configurations: A turnkey system, an upgrade to an existing Precision Sensor Calibration System Model 9155D, and as a stand-alone test fixture with reference microphones. With sound pressure levels reaching up to 104 dB, operator hearing is protected by the acoustic isolation chamber. 9919C Series supports various measurement microphones with included mounting adaptors for the most common form factors. Additional adaptors for alternate form factors are available.