Microphone Calibration Workstation

For Precision Measurement Microphones | Model 9350C

cal microphone 9350C Microphone Workstation productThe Microphone Calibration Workstation Model 9350C is an automated, accurate, turnkey, PC-based system offering cost-effective calibration of 1/8 in, ¼ in, ½ in, and 1 in condenser microphone cartridges (open-circuit sensitivity), condenser microphone cartridges with preamplifiers (closed-circuit sensitivity), as well as microphone Frequency Response Function. In addition, the system provides for conformance testing of microphone preamplifiers and acoustic calibrators: this includes pistonphones as well as speakerphone-based calibrators.


  • Complies with IEC 61094-6 and IEC 60942
  • Streamlined, easy and intuitive operation throughout
  • Easy and fast retrieval of calibration certificates
  • Built-in system verification procedures
  • Automatic Free-Field and Random Incidence correction curves
  • Pass/fail classification of the Microphone Under Test
  • Automatic test parameter setup for PCB®, Larson Davis, GRAS, Bruel & Kjær and other microphone manufacturers
  • Print customizable ISO 17025 compliant calibration certificates


Download Datasheet | Download Specification Sheet

Frequency Range20 Hz - 95 kHz [1]
Measurement Uncertainty at Reference Frequency0.3 dB
Standards ComplianceIEC 61094-6
Measurement TechniqueElectrostatic Actuator
Measurements SupportedSensitivity, frequency response

[1] Highest test frequency determined by frequency bounds of Microphone Under Test, with a maximum of 95 kHz.

 Under complete software control, the 9350C operates in these four modes:

  • Condenser Microphone Calibration
  • Condenser Microphone & Preamplifier Calibration
  • Preamplifier Conformance Test
  • Sound Source Calibration (pistonphone, speakerphone, etc.)

cal microphone 9350C Microphone Workstation productThe Model 9350C provides consistent and reliable calibrations and conformance tests with the highest possible accuracy. System verification procedures assure a stable, consistent operating environment and reduce systematic and random errors to a minimum. With easy, user-friendly operation and proven stepped sine excitation method, the 9350C provides fast, consistent, reliable performance and excels in efficient, high volume transducer calibrations. The system also allows for easy integration of customized calibration certificates.