Precision Measurement Microphone Calibration

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Why Calibrate Measurement Microphones
Understanding when to use calibration checks vs accredited calibrations for measurement microphones.

Measurement Microphone Types
Learn more about the technology fundamentals of measurement microphones - from condenser, array, piezoelectric, carbon, and magnetic models.

Measurement Microphone Applications
Measurement microphones are used in applications ranging from designing new products, to monitoring products, to personal protection.

Selecting and Specifying Measurement Microphones
A discussion on measurement microphone response types - from free field to random incidence. Adapted from the PCB Microphone Handbook.

Microphone Comparison Calibration Techniques
An overview of test and measurement microphones and the techniques used to calibrate them, including the IEC 61094-5 Comparison Calibration Method.

Insert Voltage Technique Microphone Calibration
Learn more about the insert voltage technique for measurement microphone calibration.

Electrostatic Actuator Frequency Response Microphone Calibration
A discussion of how to measure the frequency response curve of a precision condenser microphone using the electrostatic actuator method per IEC 61094-6.