Air Force Metrology Lab Calibration Systems

The Modal Shop Chosen as AFMET Supplier

The Modal Shop is proud to announce the confirmation of a multiyear order from the United States Air Force Metrology Lab (AFMET).  Up to 45 Vibration Calibration Workstations with The Modal Shop’s precision air bearing calibration shakers and PCB Piezotronics quartz ICP® reference accelerometers will be delivered to Air Force locations around the world.  AFMET will use their existing Laser Primary Calibration System, previously supplied by The Modal Shop, to calibrate the precision ICP vibration transfer standards paired with each new system from The Modal Shop.

Tasked with maintaining control, confidence, and traceability for the Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratories (PMEL) vibration calibration at Air Force locations across the United States and around the world, the team at AFMET required state-of-the-art instrumentation with low measurement uncertainties, an intuitive, short learning curve GUI, as well as industry proven performance and reliability. In addition to being part of the most popular vibration calibration product family in the United States, The Modal Shop’s flagship 9155 Automated Calibration System provides an easy-to-support modular construction of well documented COTS measurement components, decades of stability and reliability data, and the backing of the entire PCB Group of companies - global leaders in the dynamic measurement market.  This optimized approach to crafting our dynamic vibration calibration systems ensure that both the primary/central metrology lab and the satellite user labs benefit from the requisite best uncertainties with the highest reliability and usability in a value priced system.

Along with best-in-class selected hardware, software and intuitive GUI, all calibration systems from The Modal Shop also include our industry celebrated Total Customer Satisfaction, call-in technical support for the life of the system and the deep sensor and calibration knowledge of our team with the global PCB Group offices.