Advanced Solar Powered Noise Monitoring System Rental

Long-Term, Remote Access Noise Monitoring | Model NMS044

The SoundAdvisor™ Portable Noise Monitoring System Model NMS044 is a completely wireless solution designed to run indefinitely on solar power, allowing you to both take measurements and view them from anywhere 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The SoundAdvisor Portable Noise Monitoring System is powered by SoundAdvisor Model 831C Class 1 Sound Level Meter.

How to setup a system to perform remote noise monitoring – with a solar panel to keep the system running indefinitely, allowing you access to your data in real time, from a computer, smartphone or mobile device.

Remote Access to Noise Data

  • Network Access 24/7 – Connect from your smartphone, computer, or mobile device and have direct access with the meter at your remote location. Make updates, receive alerts, change test parameters, check microphone calibration, and download data with ease.
  • Complete Power Solutions – Battery Powered. Available Solar Power options allowing your Noise Monitoring System to run endlessly and sufficiently.
  • Real-Time Alerts – Receive email or texts with data and sound recordings when set noise limits are exceeded.
  • Own Your Data – Control your data without monthly access and maintenance costs.

Outdoor Noise Monitoring Applications

NMS044 is suitable for a wide range of outdoor noise monitoring applications, including:

  • Construction Noise Monitoring
  • Environmental Noise Studies and Compliance
  • Airport Noise Management
  • Traffic Noise Studies
  • Community Noise Monitoring
  • National Park Noise Monitoring
  • Wind Farm Noise Monitoring
  • And more

Which Microphone Should I Use?

Free Field – Designed to be used when the field of measurement is open and not filled with hard, reflective surfaces (in other words, when the measurement is being taken in an open area). There are two ways of using a free field microphone:

  • Pointed directly at the sound source of interest, for example when getting a sound profile for a piece of equipment or making sound power measurements
  • Placed in the center of all sound sources and pointed 90 degrees away (up) – for example in many environmental studies, National Park studies, traffic studies, or construction noise studies when the surrounding environment is wide open.

Random Incidence – Designed to measure a sound field with multiple sources in multiple directions. Used in reflective areas, random incidence microphones react equally to pressure waves from every direction. Typical applications include

  • Indoor crowd noise
  • Building acoustics (classroom, theater, sanctuary)
  • Sound chambers

Pressure Field – Designed to measure the sound pressure in front of the diaphragm. Pressure microphones typically allow for a greater dynamic range, and have a very flat response across the full frequency spectrum. The pressure microphones offered by TMS for rent feature low sensitivity that allows the noise monitoring system to measure higher dB levels without overloading.

  • Indoor/outdoor gun ranges, ballistics testing
  • High intensity work sites (e.g. pile-driving)
  • Monitoring very loud machinery or systems
Microphone DescriptionModel NumberResponse
General Purpose (Traffic, etc.)377B02Free Field
High Level (Factory, etc.)377C10Pressure Field
Extremely High Level (Ballistics at near range, etc.)377A12Pressure Field
Random Incidence to Full Hearing Range377A21Random Incidence
Extremely Low Level (National Parks, sanctuaries, etc.)378A04Free Field

*Microphone range varies with meter used, preamplifier, etc. Contact our rental team for more details.

Preamplifier Options

DescriptionModel Number
Standard preamplifierPRM831
Designed for use with environmental shroudPRM2103-FF

Sync Sound and Weather Data

Various weather parameters can be collected and synced with other measured data. Parameters that can be measured may include wind speed, gust speed, direction, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. The Modal Shop rents these sensors as kits (denoted by the "K" prefix in the model number). Kits include

  • Selected weather sensor (SEN031 or SEN032)
  • Cable to mate weather sensor, batteries, and meter
  • Necessary hardware adaptors for tripods and cabling
Included  IncludedOptional  OptionalNot Available  Not Available
PurposeModel NumberWind (Speed & Direction)TemperatureHumidityBarometric PressureRain RateHail Rate
Multi-parameterKSEN031Included Included Included Included Included Included
Wind speed and directionKSEN032Included Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available

Power Sources

All power sources listed below included in rental of NMS044 system.

Power SourceModel NumberDescription
Solar PowerSLP002Portable folding 100 W solar panel with integrated stand and carrying case
Line PowerPSA039AC power supply
BatteryBAT02035 Ah SLA battery

Tripod Options

PurposeModel Number
Monopod(Built-in to system)*
Light-duty, short-term use for attended measurementsTRP001
Heavy-duty, unattended tripodTRP003

* When using NMS044 with weather station, additional tripod is required.

Optional Cellular Data Plans for Outdoor Noise Monitoring Systems

Select 831C-SIM option for 4G Wireless AT&T SIM card and data plan with static IP address. Roaming and overage charges may apply (10GB data plan included). 

Standard NMS044 Noise Monitoring System Includes

Model NumberDescription
SoundAdvisor 831CSound Level Meter, Class 1
831C-LOGData logging firmware option. Logging of time histories with interval from 20 ms to 24 hours
831C-ELAEvent processing option. Exceedance-based logging analysis with event, interval, and daily histories
831C-SWFirmware option for direct USB support of Sierra Wireless RV-50 gateway
EPS044Weatherproof outdoor hard case for Noise Monitoring System
COM-RV50XSierra Wireless RV50 cellular 4G (XLTE) universal gateway for use in the US and Canada
PRM2103-FFOutdoor Preamplifier for Model 831 with Remote Calibration Check, humidity reading, and heater, 377B02 pre-polarized microphone.
EPS2116Environmental protection for 1/2" preamplifiers, with windscreen and bird spike
SLP002Portable folding 100 Watt solar panel with integrated stand and carrying case
BAT02035 Ah SLA battery
PSA039AC power supply for use with EPS044 & NMS044
MiscCables and accessories
Communication4G LTE modem included (data plan optional, see above), WiFi for close proximity data pull, and Ethernet available
SoftwareG4 LD Utility Software for remote connection to meter: set up, control, view live data, and generate reports