Rent Outdoor Protection and Batteries for Sound Meters

Lightweight Case for 831C, 831, and LxT Meters

Ideal for short term unattended testing, Model EPS042 is designed to work in any application using these Larson Davis sound level meters:

EPS042 Includes

  • BAT015 battery holder: fused battery holder for 4x or 8x D-cell batteries with quick start sheet (Expected meter run times shown below)
  • Lightweight environmental protection / case for meter and BAT015
  • Port for extension cable to connect meter to external preamplifier/microphone
  • Custom battery door for meter
  • D cell batteries available for additional fee

Items Ordered Separately

  • Sound Level Meter
  • Extension Cable (typically EXC type, select appropriate length)
  • Additional microphone/preamplifier environmental protection (typically EPS2116)
  • Tripod

Run Time Comparison

ModelEPS042/BAT015 with 8x D-cell alkaline batteries (ordered separately)(4x) AA Alkaline(4x) AA Lithium
831C5 days8 hours18 hours
LxT17 days16 hours30 hours
8319 days13 hours24 hours

– BAT015 can be used with 4x D-cell batteries; life is half of published 8x D-cell battery specifications.
– Shipping dimensions and weights are dependent on configuration of Sound Level Meter kits.