Sound Level Meter and Noise Monitoring System Rental

Noise Level Measurement and Environmental Noise Monitoring

The Modal Shop Offers a wide array of sound level meter and outdoor noise monitoring kits, customizable to meet your specific noise measurement and noise monitoring needs. Explore the offerings here, or get in touch and let our team of experts help you select the right system to match your testing needs and budget.

  • Sound Level Meters Available for Rental

    Rent Class 1 and Class 2 Sound Level Meters and kits for environmental testing, community and construction noise monitoring, product testing, building acoustics, and more. A range of kits and configurations is available.

  • Outdoor Noise Monitoring Systems Available for Rental

    Rent complete systems for short or long-term noise monitoring, including systems with solar power, real-time alerts and alarms, scheduling tools and more.

  • Accessories

    Rent Sound Level Meter accessories to simplify your test. A wide range of acoustic accessories is available, including outdoor protection and battery kits, weather sensors, tripods, microphone clips, acoustic calibrators, microphone windscreens, and more.

  • Microphones

    Sound Level Meter and Noise Monitoring Kit rentals include a standard precision measurement microphone and preamplifier. If the standard option does not fit your needs, other options are available, including specialty microphones and hydrophones.