Vibrant ME’scope VES Software Rental

Noise and Vibration Visualization

The ME’scopeVES Visual Engineering Series of software packages and options makes it easier for you to observe and analyze noise and vibration problems in machinery and structures using either experimental or analytical data. With ME’scope, you can import or directly acquire multi-channel time or frequency data from a machine or structure, and post-process it. Its industry-leading interactive 3D animation allows you to observe order-related operating deflection shapes from running machinery, resonant vibration and mode shapes from real structures, acoustic shapes, and engineering shapes directly from acquired data. In addition to its photo-realistic interactive animated display, ME’scopeVES contains state-of-the-art tools for performing:

  • FRF-Based Modal Analysis
  • Operational Modal Analysis
  • Vibro-Acoustic Analysis
  • Dynamics Modeling and Simulation
  • Structural Dynamics Modification
  • Experimental FEA

ME'scopeVES can utilize the National Instruments or VTI data acquisition hardware that The Modal Shop carries (see below). Please call for compatibility details and additional options not listed.

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ME'scopeVES Rental Configurations
VES-708Direct data acquisition for VXI Technology 1432x, 1433x, and 1434x series (compatible with option VES-7000)
VES-710Direct data acquisition for National Instruments NI-4472, NI-4474, NI-4461 (supports VES-7000), NI-4462, and NI-9234 (no triggering) modules
VES-7000MIMO source and acquisition, output burst random and chirp signals to multiple shakers. Calculate MIMO FRFs, multiple and partial coherence, and simulate MIMO EMA (requires compatible VEX-7xx option)
VES-7010Real time ODS animation, allows display of real time animated ODSs on a 3D structure model directly acquired from multichannel data (requires a compatible VES-7xx option)
Visual ODS
Import time or frequency data to see how a structure is moving
Visual ODS Pro
Visual ODS plus additional signal processing features to help show how much a machine or structure is really moving
Visual Modal
Visual ODS Pro plus modal parameter estimation to look at resonances