Siemens Simcenter SCADAS XS Handheld System Rental

Portable Data Acquisition for Test Engineers (formerly LMS SCADAS XS)

The SCADAS XS is a portable solution to help test engineers in the automotive and transportation, aerospace and defense, and other industrial environments, delivering the data they need for advanced noise and vibration testing.

The SCADAS XS is a 12-channel system plus Tach and CAN-bus inputs that can be controlled wirelessly from a tablet with an Android-based operating system.

The unique hardware and usability features of LMS SCADAS XS make it suitable for your day-to-day test setups - be they remote, laboratory, or in-the-field use cases:


  • A 7” tablet, featuring a tailor-made Android application, allows mobile test setups, measurement, and on-the-go data validation while recording to a micro SD card on LMS SCADAS XS
  • The SCADAS XS supports different modes of operation:
    • USB connected frontend with Simcenter Testlab on host PC
    • Standalone controlled via Wi-fi from Tablet
    • Standalone controlled via manual buttons
  • Fully compatible with  LMS Test.Lab™ software, the device can be used as a traditional front end. Data is streamed to and stored on a PC via a standard USB connection.

Key Applications

  • Typical noise and vibration testing
  • Field diagnostics, mobile measurements, and laboratory testing
  • For both expert and nonexpert users

SCADAS XS Features



  • 12 Channels: Voltage/ICP, up to 50 kHz sampling per channel, supports Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS)
  • Headset Input: Dedicated input for binaural headset
  • GPS: Can track speed (+/- 0.1 kph) and location (5 updates/second)
  • SPDIF: Sony Phillips Digital Interface for digital audio from binaural head or similar
  • CAN-bus: Controller Area Network (CAN) interface to read digital bus of embedded sensors in modern vehicle
  • TACHO channels: Two analog tachometer inputs that can accept up to 40,000 pulses per second


  • MicroSD Card: Holds data and test setup templates for standalone acquisition
  • Internal Battery: Depending on number of channels active, up to 6 hours of battery only operation
  • Micro USB: Used to charge battery and for data transfer
  • Ethernet: For daisy chaining multiple SCADAS XS units together through a powered Ethernet hub
  • Wi-Fi: Used with Tablet for remote control operation, or used to transfer data wirelessly from MicroSD card to host PC

SCADAS XS Rental Includes

  • Android Tablet (Software Installed)
  • Hard Case for LMX SCADAS XS
  • Soft Travel Case for all equipment
  • Charger for Android Tablet
  • Charger and AC Power Adaptors for SCADAS XS