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Sound and Vibration Analysis Software | DSA 2.9

DSA 2.9 is a mixed-signal sound and vibration analysis software tool for routine sound and vibration projects. Also provided is the ability to include strain, torsion, current, temperature and more. Written on top of the National Instruments Sound and Vibration Toolkit, DSA 2.9 software works with a wide range of NI’s CompactDAQ-based hardware platforms to drive tests from your laptop.

We also offer both rental sensors and NI-based hardware kits to make a complete measurement chain for short term projects. DSA 2.9 offers:

  • Scalability: 2 to over 100 channels (supports as many channels as hardware and DAQmx driver can support)
  • Get started quick with easy to use interface
  • Time / Frequency Real-Time measurement
  • Spectrum Analysis (Frequency, Order Domain, FRF, Coherence, 1/n octave, more)
  • Pre-processing (filtering, integration, weighting curves and more)
  • Impact Testing, Rotating Machinery
  • Supports two simultaneous sample rates: mix high sample rate microphones and accelerometers with slow signals like temperature and strain

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For more information about DSA 2.9, click here for an Introduction Video

Signal.X DSA 2.9 Ordering Information
SX DSASignal.X Technologies DSA Dynamic Signal Analyzer for sound and vibration analysis, includes Spectrum Analysis, Time/Frequency domain, Impact Testing, Octave Band and more. Supports National Instruments DAQ cards.

Typical configurations of National Instruments systems for various test configurations:

National Instruments Rental Configurations from TMS
4 Channel
(1) cDAQ-9171 1-slot chassis with USB
(1) NI-9234 4-channel module for ICP sensors, can be software configured for voltage inputs
8 Channel
(1) cDAQ-9178 8-slot chassis with USB
(2) NI-9234 4-channel modules for ICP or voltage sensors
12 Channel
(1) cDAQ-9178 8-slot chassis with USB
(3) NI-9234 4-channel modules for ICP or voltage sensors
16-32 Channel
(1) cDAQ-9178 8-slot chassis with USB
(4 to 8) NI-9234 4-channel modules for ICP or voltage sensors. Configure/add in 4-channel blocks
Add Strain
Add (1) NI-9237 4-channel bridge analog input module to any system above
Logging only; Dynamic Spectrum Analysis not supported
Add Temp
Contact us for details