m+p SmartOffice Analyzer Rental

Noise and Vibration Software Solution

m+p SmartOffice Analyzer is a complete solution for dynamic signal measurement, analysis, and advanced reporting for noise and vibration, acoustics, and general dynamic signals. The m+p SO Analyzer solution can utilize a wide variety of easily scalable front ends, such as those available from National Instruments or VXI/VTI instruments. A system controller with the software pre-installed is included with the rental. m+p SO Analyzer offer:

  • Modal Analysis (incl. MIMO, ODS, SDOF, MDOF), normal mode tuning
  • Acoustic Analysis
  • Impact Testing
  • Rotating Machinery Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Real-time FFT and Time History Data Acquisition
  • Environmental Vibration Testing
  • Vehicle Pass-By Noise Measurements

See more on the website at www.mpihome.com

m+p SO Analyzer Rental Configurations
m+p USB SOSO Analyzer bundle, 4 channel 24-bit USB-powered DSA, 20kHz bandwidth, 102dB dynamic range, includes USB-9234 hardware and system controller with installed software
m+p PCI SOSO Analyzer bundle, 8 channel 24-bit DSA, 45kHz bandwidth, 110dB dynamic range, includes 4472B card, chassis and system controller with installed software. 8 channel 4472B cards can be added to expand channel count (up to 24 channels)
m+p VXI SOSO Analyzer bundle, 16 channel 16-bit DSA, 20kHz bandwidth, includes E1432A card, chassis and system controller with installed SO-ODS software bundle. 16 channel E1432A cards can be added to expand channel count (up to 192 channels per chassis)
SO-ERIIEReporter II: 2D & Waterfall Data Viewers, Advanced Function Calculator, Geometry Wizard, Reporting Wizard, User Programming, and Active Data reporting using MS Office, supports many data formats
SO-ODSReporter II + Operating Deflection Shapes Wizard supports, Time Domain and PSD and FRF measurements
SO‑SDOF ModalSDOF Modal Analysis: EReporter II + SDOF Modal Wizard
SO‑MDOF ModalMDOF Modal Analysis: EReporter II + Advanced MDOF Modal Analysis Wizard (MRIT and MIMO supported)
SO-Struc BundleStructural Bundle: EReporter II + ODS, SDOF, & MDOF Wizards
SO-SRSShock Response Synthesis: Ereporter II + Shock Response Synthesis Wizard
SO-RotateRotating Machinery Analysis: Ereporter II + Tacho Spline Fit Wizard, RPM Spectral Map Wizard, & Computed Order Tracking Wizard
SO-D/ACQData Acquisition Driver for Agilent VXI Front-end