Headphone Test Fixture Rental

Headphone Testing for Research and Development

rental aec206 productThe Larson Davis Binaural Test Fixture Model AEC206 is ideal for testing supra-aural, circumaural, supra-concha, intra-concha, and insert-type headphones. Perfect for tasks such as performing quality assurance testing of headphones on an assembly line or using in the lab for R&D, the Model AEC206 is user-friendly and easy to learn. The fixture comes preassembled with IEC 60318-4 (711) occluded-ear simulators and TEDS compatible preamplifiers that provide electronic calibration information. Additionally, calibration is a simple process—a custom adapter is included for the Model CAL250 acoustic calibrator or similar device.

Larson Davis Model AEC-206 Headphone Test Fixure Rental Includes
SAEC206.01Mounting Fixture
AEC304IEC 60318-4 Occluded Ear Simulator (Qty 2)
426M11 Short ½" Preamplifier with TEDS and ICP Output (Qty 2)
AEC206-RINGRing Plate for Securing Pinnae (Qty 2)
AEC-LOO35Left Pinna, Shore OO-35 Hardness
AEC-ROO35Right Pinna, Shore OO-35 Hardness
AEC-LA25Left Pinna, Shore A-25 Hardness
AEC-RA25Right Pinna, Shore A-25 Hardness
CCS050Rigid Case with Foam for Transport and Storage
ADP105 Calibration Adaptor for CAL250
AEC206-SPARETool Kit for Assembly and Disassembly
CER-AEC304Calibration Certificate for AEC304 Compliant with ISO 17025 (Qty 2)
CER-PREAMPCalibration Certificate for 426M11 Compliant with ISO 17025 (Qty 2)
Optional Accessories
 AEC206-CUPCAEC206 acoustic isolation test cup