Low Frequency and Low Noise Measurement Microphone Rental

PCB Piezotronics Low Noise and Low Frequency Microphones

rental pcb 377A15 productSeveral low noise and low frequency transducers are available in Rental, depending on testing requirements. Our full list of microphones is found here. This page provides an overview of units used for low level testing, with specification highlights:

  • 378A07 Very Low Frequency Free-field Microphone/Preamplifier System
    <0.13 Hz at ±2 dB, <0.1 Hz at ±3 dB with 378A07 microphone
  • 378A04 Low Noise 1/2″ Prepolarized Free-field Microphone/Preamplifier System
    <6.5 dBA typical noise floor, includes 377A04 microphone, great for environmental noise and product testing
  • 377A15 Low Noise 1″ Prepolarized Pressure Microphone
    10 dBA typical noise floor, works with Sound Meters and Audiometer Calibration for Pressure field measurements

378A07 Very Low Frequency Microphone System

Model 378A07 is comprised of a 1/2″ 377A07 prepolarized microphone, a Model 426E01 preamplifier, and a low frequency filter adapter, Model 079A43. For applications measuring infrasound (below the human hearing threshold) the Model 378A07 provides the capability to measure less than 0.1 Hz (-3 dB).

Acoustic pressure waves may be altered by objects in the sound field including the microphone used to measure it. To correct for this effect, the 377A07 free-field microphone is calibrated to compensate for its own presence, providing more accurate measurements within a free-field.

378A07 microphone system complies with the following industry standards:

  • IEC 61094-4 WS2F
  • IEC 61672 class 1 compliant for premium sound level meter use
  • IEC 60651 type 1 compliant
  • Calibration reference microphone traceable through PTB, compliant with ISO 9001 & 17025, A2LA, ILAC approved


  • 0.13 Hz–20 kHz (±2 dB)
  • <0.1 Hz (±3 dB)
  • 1/2″ diameter system (mic/preamp)
  • 0 V (Prepolarized) design
  • 134 dB Max Amplitude (3% distortion)
  • Full specs from manufacturer


  • Environmental testing
  • Wind turbine measurements
  • Earthquake and tornado analysis
  • Sonic boom measurements
  • General purpose low frequency noise measurements

Rental Includes

  • 377A07 – 1/2″ free field prepolarized condensor microphone, low frequency
  • 079A43 – Low frequency adaptor
  • 426E01 – ICP ® microphone preamplifier 1/2″ to be used with prepolarized condenser microphone
  • Calibration – ACS-63 Calibration (with TEDS) of Precision Condenser Microphones and Preamplifiers together (mated pair)

378A04 Low Noise 1/2″ Prepolarized Free-field Microphone System

The 378A04 is a matched system comprised of a high sensitivity microphone with a low noise preamplifier containing a built-in filter that enables the free-field response to remain flat over a wide frequency range. The system requires a minimum of 4 mA and measures to 6.5 dBA (5.5 dBA typical) within a cost efficient, prepolarized (0 V) design.


  • <6.5 dBA inherent noise (<5.5 typical)
  • 1/2″ diameter system (mic/preamp)
  • 0 V (Prepolarized) design
  • Wide 10 Hz – 16 kHz range (±2 dB)
  • Full specs from manufacturer


  • Computer disk drive testing
  • Electric vehicle sound quality
  • Cabin noise measurements
  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Appliance noise source location
  • Sound power measurements
  • General low noise tests

Rental Includes

  • Calibration – ACS-156 Calibration of microphone with preamplifier in an anechoic chamber to include noise floor verification

377A15 Low Noise 1″ Prepolarized Pressure Microphone

A pressure microphone measures pressure response, which occurs when the microphone is flush-mounted at the boundary of a sound field. Pressure microphones accurately measure the sound pressure in ducts, cavities, impedance tubes, wind tunnels, and couplers. They are ideal for audiometer calibration, sound level meter measurements, ear simulators, calibration transfer standards, and testing of sound booth noise levels.

Low sound pressure level measurements are possible due to the large surface area and high sensitivity of the Model 377A15 microphone. This 0 V (prepolarized) microphone offers a cost-effective alternative compared to specialty 200 V microphones for making low noise measurements.


  • 1″ Diameter Pressure Microphone
  • 0 V (Prepolarized) design
  • Low noise floor, 10 dBA typical
  • IEC 61094-4 WS1P compliant
  • For use with Class 1 sound level meter for low noise measurements
  • Pairs with standard preamplifiers, including Model 426E01
  • IEC 61094-4 WS1P compliant
  • Full specs from manufacturer


  • Measurements with IEC 60318-3 couplers
  • Audiometer calibration
  • Testing sound booths
  • Calibration transfer standards
  • Precise sound level meter measurements
  • Low level pressure measurements

Rental Includes

  • Calibration – ACS-20 Calibration of Precision Condensor Microphones