Construction Sound and Vibration Monitoring

From Sound and Vibration Compliance to Real-Time Alerts

Construction, demolition, blast, and pile driving projects can create real disruption for neighboring properties and can be subject to sound and vibration limits set by local or regional governments. Monitoring sound and vibration in real time helps manage the disruption from the noise and vibration levels produced by your project. Remote monitoring with wireless devices with internet connectivity means that you don’t need to be onsite to keep tabs on the project. Systems that automatically send alerts when sound and vibration exceeds allowable limits let construction managers make smart decisions (including using vibration isolation or sound isolation products or making scheduling changes) to stay in compliance with codes and ordinances and maintain better relationships with neighboring facilities or households.

Wireless Vibration Monitoring with ROCK 

When construction or demolition projects are taking place in sensitive areas, such as near residential, historic, or medical facilities, vibration can be a real concern. For example, in some hospital environments low level vibrations that are not even perceptible to humans can affect lab equipment, magnetic resonance imagining (MRI) machines, computed tomography (CT), and more. Nearby buildings are subject to potential structural damage.

Unobtrusive, rugged, easy to install, and with a battery that allows it to run autonomously for 6 months or more, ROCK provides real-time alerts and reports that allow construction managers to make smart choices about equipment and schedules. Monitor to built-in or user-defined thresholds.

  • No cables needed
  • Battery-powered 6 months autonomous run time with internal battery; continuous with optional integrated solar panel 
  • Data plan included
  • Triaxial sensor with floor or wall mount included
  • Smart alerts in real time via text SMS or email when pre-established levels are exceeded
  • Set user-defined limits or utilize built-in standards
    • US Office of Surface Mining (OSM) blasting standards
    • USBM RI 8507
    • Other international vibration standards: DIN 4150-3 (GERMANY), SN 640312 (SWITZERLAND), BS 5228 (UK), BS 7385-2 (UK), ARRETE de 1994 (FRANCE), NP 2074 (FRANCE), Circulaire du 23/07/1986 (FRANCE), UNE 22-381 (SPAIN), AS 2187-2 (AUSTRIA), PN-B-02170 (POLAND)



Noise Monitoring Stations for Construction Noise Monitoring

The Modal Shop offers a  suite of sound monitoring systems that can be tailored to fit your needs. Unattended options provide sound monitoring that can run seamlessly over your entire project, whether it lasts a day or for years. These systems measure to a complete set of metrics:

  • Octave filters (1/1 and 1/3)
  • Frequency weighting (A, C, and Z)
  • Time weighting (fast, slow, and impulsive)
  • Ln percentiles
  • Community day and night calculations (Lden and CNEL)
  • And more

Need to keep tabs on your project from anywhere? With SoundAdvisorTM 831C-based systems, real time alerts allow construction managers to receive email or texts with data and optional sound recordings when pre-set noise limits are exceeded. Power options range from line power to a wide range of battery options to solar panel for continuous operation.