Construction Noise Monitoring

Measure Construction Site Noise Levels

Construction projects, whether large or small, can have a significant impact on the surrounding community. Monitoring and managing construction site noise in real time can not only help construction companies comply with noise ordinances and regulations, but can also create better relationships with communities and regulatory agencies.

Blasting, pile driving, demolition, delivery, and other construction tasks and equipment create noise that affects neighbors. Handheld sound level meters are used for spot checks or regular noise assessments, ensuring the neighboring community is not unduly impacted by construction projects. Continuous noise monitoring helps construction companies and contractors have a better understanding of the source of disruptive noise, adjust the timing of the loudest activities,  avoid construction delays and costly penalties, and develop effective mitigation plans.

Advanced sound level meters and weatherproof outdoor noise monitoring stations help construction managers deal with the often complex regulatory requirements, including different allowable sound limits at different times of day and night. Beneficial features include:

  • Sound recordings for sound source identification
  • Remote monitoring with data plan available
  • Email and/or SMS alerts and alarms
  • Class 1 accuracy
  • 1/3 and 1/1 octave filters
  • Time and frequency weighting options
  • Community day and night weighting calculations
  • Leq over a selectable time period
  • Ln percentiles
  • Software to download and analyze data
  • Data ownership remains with the user - no monthly subscription for data access

(The Modal Shop rents sound level meters and outdoor noise monitoring systems that offer the above features as either standard or optional. See selection guides linked at left or contact us for more details.)

Outdoor Noise Monitoring Applications

  • Construction noise audit
  • Boundary noise monitoring
  • Noise impact assessment
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Identifying noise source
  • Baseline noise level measurement
  • Construction equipment noise measurement
  • Construction operation noise measurement
  • Demolition noise monitoring
  • Blast noise monitoring 
  • Pile driving noise monitoring
  • Bridge building noise monitoring
  • Delivery noise monitoring
  • Environmental noise monitoring

What Equipment Do I Need to Monitor Construction Noise?

The Modal Shop offers a wide array of sound level meters and outdoor noise monitoring systems for rent. Our team can help you customize a system that meets your needs at a cost that fits your budget. For construction noise monitoring, we recommend one of these popular systems:

  • NMS044-SLA: 831C-based system with solar panel for continuous monitoring with battery backup, includes remote communication options
  • NMS-831C-H: 831C-based system with octave bands and sound recording
  • NMS-SE-FF: LxT-based system with outdoor case and battery to power for 15+ days

The Modal Shop also rents SYSCOM Rock wireless vibration monitor for construction vibration monitoring.