Community and Urban Noise Monitoring

Noise Ordinance Compliance

Whether you are in the city, suburb or at a weekend getaway location, noise is an important factor in determining your quality of life or the success of your business. Many areas have local noise legislation that defines noise limits that can be produced and experienced during the day or at night. This noise may be generated by vehicle traffic, aircraft, industrial sites, construction projects, entertainment events or many other activities.

Using Larson Davis Noise Monitoring Systems offered by The Modal Shop, community noise can be properly identified and managed with appropriate countermeasures, improving the relationships between businesses and the community residents.

The Modal Shop offers several Larson Davis Noise Monitoring Systems to provide short to medium term monitoring capabilities for collecting a variety of data, from basic noise measurements, to GPS and weather data utilizing the Model 831 or LxT sound level meters in lightweight, easy to deploy packages. The Model 831 and LxT can be used in the normal handheld mode for walk-around measurements onsite. Using DNA software from Larson Davis, the collected data can be further organized into meaningful reports to understand the patterns or nuances of community noise.

As urban areas grow, community noise levels will invariably grow with them, driving the creation of noise ordinances and regulations already seen in larger cities around the world. Using Larson Davis solutions from The Modal Shop allows quick deployment of monitoring stations to understand community noise and, if needed, to take steps to remedy any problems. 

The NMS-SE-FF system utilizes the LxT sound level meter with the EPS042 weather resistant enclosure to provide 15 days of continuous monitoring per battery charge (eight D-cell battery pack) with the ability to log time histories, 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands and community noise metrics. More information on the LxT and preconfigured kits can be found here.

The Model 831 sound level meter can be paired with the same EPS042 enclosure also to provide nine days of continuous monitoring or can be used with traditional lead acid batteries (ranging in size from 21 Ahr to 100 Ahr) with charger to provide longer run times. In addition to time history logging, octave band analysis, and community noise metrics, the Model 831 is also able to log GPS data, weather data and take event sound recordings to help identify a noise source. Please note that additional power is required for weather sensor use. More information on the Model 831 and preconfigured kits can be found here.

The SoundAdvisor™ Portable Noise Monitoring System Model NMS044 is the idea solution for real time data and control of the noise monitoring station. This completely wireless solution is powered by SoundAdvisor Model 831C. Learn more about NMS044.