Traffic and Highway Noise Monitoring

Measure Traffic and Highway Noise Levels

Traffic noise is a concern for millions of people both at home and at work.  Noise can have mental and physical health effects due do its ability to impact sleep, concentration, and relaxation.  Individuals with sound sensitivities may be especially affected. There are various factors that can influence overall traffic noise levels, including road surface, traffic volume and speed, and surrounding geography. Often, it is necessary to measure and document traffic noise over defined time periods to develop and evaluate abatement plans. 

The Modal Shop offers for rent several noise monitoring systems to collect a variety of data from basic noise measurements to GPS and weather data. These include equipment for handheld, walk-around measurements and for unattended measurements. Various packages are available for short to medium term traffic noise monitoring projects, all housed in lightweight, easy to deploy packages. Create meaningful reports for sharing noise data using G4 LD Utility software.

Long-Term, Portable, and Attended Noise Monitoring

Using portable or attended noise monitoring solutions rented from The Modal Shop allows for quick deployment of monitoring stations to understand traffic noise and, if needed, to take steps to remedy any problems. The Modal Shop’s experienced rental team is available to help you find just the right equipment for your testing needs. Below are several available kit configurations and options for traffic and highway noise monitoring. See the Sound Level Meter Selection Guide for a comparison chart of available meters. Our team is happy to help you mix and match meters, microphones, batteries, and more to find a test setup that fits your requirements.

Please contact us for selection assistance or with any further questions at or 513.351.9919.