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Tapping Machines

Larson Davis BAS004

The Larson Davis BAS004 high precision electromagnetic tapping machine is ideal for impact noise generation in buildings. It is built to specifications to perform testing per ISO 140, ISO 117, DIN 52210, BS 5821, and ASTME 492. The components are mounted on a sturdy Peraluman frame for consistent performance and to effectively meet required test standards. Fully assembled, the unit weighs 26lb (12kg) and is easy to transport with it's rotating feet and carrying case.

The unit's hammers are lifted to the necessary 40mm fall height by an electromagnetic field rather than a mechanical assembly. This allows the hammers to fall consistently without friction or wear to the unit for a long operating life. Lifting the hammers via an electromagnetic field also reduces unwanted vibrations that occur in mechanically actuated tapping machines that may affect testing. Finally the unit utilizes a quartz crystal to maintain an accurate tapping frequency at all times (±0.01% error).
Rental Shipping Cases - Hammer and all items above ship in a case with custom foam unique to The Modal Shop Rental Program, pictured here. No additional packaging is required. Case with hammer and items is 27.7" x 21" x 15.5"”, 70 lbs.


Norsonic NOR277A

The NOR277A is the third generation Norsonic unit for performing standardized impact noise testing (foot fall noise). The NOR277A performs impact sound transmission testing according to ISO140, part VI, VII and VIII, ASTM E-492 and ASTM E-1007. Compact, light and rugged with an extruded aluminum chassis and hardened stainless steel hammers ensure non-deformation even after years of use. Even with the installed battery, the weight is less than 22lb (10kg). Retractable feet ensure easy transport and storage.

The unit has the standard-required five 500g hammers, with 40mm fall each 100ms apart. A servo system ensures the correct tapping frequency is maintained at all times and temperatures. A level gauge mounted on the top helps the user to align the unit when adjusting the fall height. And a self-check/calibration sensor/feedback loop is included: an LED status for each hammer is located on the front panel, and indicate when the impact velocity and tapping frequency meets standards.

Rental kits for either unit include:

  • Tapping Machine
  • Internal Battery
  • Remote Control
  • AC Power Cord (for US, Canada, Japan. Others, please ask)
  • Carrying/Shipping case
  • User Manual