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SoundCam Acoustic Camera
SoundCam Acoustic Camera
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Acoustic Camera Rental

SoundCam Acoustic Camera

The SoundCam is a live action acoustic camera that is used to locate sound sources using an array of MEMS‑microphones. This easy-to-use acoustic camera provides a visual sound recording of the environment under investigation. The SoundCam is an accurate and high speed tool for locating and analyzing sound from a source while providing real-time results and features a built-in touch screen and button controls for operation.


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  • Sound Camera hardware includes microphone array, camera with lighting, integrated DAQ/controller with display and software.
  • Software for Windows for offline analysis.
  • Tripod and headphones.
  • Quick Start Guide.
  • Carrying Case.


  • Handheld 7 lb System.
  • 64 channel, 34 cm array.
  • From 800 Hz with beamforming-methods; lower with decreased resolution.
  • >2.5 hour battery life (minimum).
  • IP54 rated (protected against dust, water splash).


  • Live view: up to 100 acoustic fps, 50 optical fps; show FFT and spectrogram, listen to local sound, place markers, buffer recordings.
  • Offline features: view results, replay, listen to local sound.
  • Export: video, sound, picture.


  • Sound Analysis, Sound Source Identification
  • Vehicle (Automotive/Train/Truck NVH, Squeak & Rattle, Traffic, Interior, Emission, Passby, Underbody, Tire, Component and more)
  • Aerospace (Interior, Aircraft Noise, Drone Detection).
  • Building Acoustics (Window and Construction Leakage)
  • Industrial (Machine Noise, Hand Tools, Machine Faults, Robots, Compressed Air and Vacuum Leak Detection, Preventative Maintenace/Quality)
  • Consumer Electronics (Dishwasher, Refrigerator, HVAC, Dryer)
  • Biology (Wildlife Studies, Speech, Communication, Noise Pollution Effects)

Additional SoundCam Information

See more information on the SoundCam website here.