Obsolete Products from The Modal Shop

Retired Solutions and Replacement Options

Thank you for using products from The Modal Shop.  Even some of our favorite products have to retire from time to time!  Below, please find a list of products no longer manufactured or carried by TMS.  You will find links to current, comparable offerings.  Please contact us with any questions about your current products or for information on replacement options.

Structural Test Products and Accessories

Series 440 16 Channel ICP Signal Conditioners

The Modal Shop Series 440 16 Channel ICP Signal Conditioners are modular components of the PCB Series 440 Signal Conditioning System.   440 Series Signal Conditioners can still be rented from The Modal Shop.  Please  contact PCB for additional information on available 440 Series products. 

Replacement for Series 440 16 Channel ICP Conditioning Modules
Series 481 Multi-channel Signal Conditioners
Multi-channel piezoelectric sensor signal conditioners prepare multiple measurement signals for recording or analysis. Versions accommodate ICP sensors and in-line charge converters and can be configured with many options including gain, filtering, switched outputs, integration, rms conversion, computer control, daisy chaining and more. Each unit is housed in a standard, 19-inch rack-mountable chassis.

5020A Automated Test Setup

By combining setup data acquired at the point of installation with TEDS smart sensor information, Model 5020A produces files that identify the complete test setup, allowing direct importation into a wide array of structural testing software environments.

No replacement option is currently available for the 5020A.

5230 and 5240 Series Digitizers 

The 5230 Series Sonic Digitizer and 5240 Series 3D Optical Digitizer acquire accurate geometric information and sensor locations from test structures, while automatically creating a formatted computer file for increased modal test set-up efficiency.

No replacement options are currently available for the 5230 or 5240.

8030S Air Ride Mount

Used extensively for "body-in-white" vehicle modal tests, Model 8030S offers a typical mounting frequency of 1.35 Hz for a 310 lb mass.   8030S Air Ride Mount can still be rented from The Modal Shop.  

Replacement for 8030S
8032S Air Ride Test Support
Provides excellent isolation and support of heavy structures during modal testing. Meets the modal challenge of keeping mounting (rigid body) frequencies well below the frequency of the first deflection mode. Used exclusively for "body-in-white" vehicle modal tests, Model 8032S offers a typical mounting frequency of 2.88 Hz for a 650 lb mass.

Calibration Products

4000 PVC - Portable Vibration Calibrator

The 4000 PVC has become the  9100D Portable Vibration Calibrator. The 9100D is used to validate the performance of accelerometers, velocity transducers and displacement sensors. The 9100D is designed to provide a known, controlled vibration signal up to 10 kHz and 20 g, shaker stroke and sensor mass dependent.

9155C Accelerometer Calibration Workstation

The 9155C has been replaced by the  9155D Accelerometer Calibration Workstation. The 9155D offers both upgraded software and an expanded line of calibration options.



Industrial Products


The VibeAlarm, an excess machinery vibration limit switch, is no longer available from The Modal Shop.


The LanSharc Smart Digital Controller is no longer available from The Modal Shop. Please contact our team for more information.