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Gravimetric Calibration
Gravimetric Calibration

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October 5, 2009
Instrumented Impact Hammer Calibration System

The Modal Shop, A PCB Group Company, announces a new instrumented impact hammer calibration system available as stand-alone or as an option to its industry leading 9155 accelerometer calibration workstation.  The system includes the 9961C gravimetric calibration fixture which provides a calibrated pendulous mass to perform the dynamic impulse measurement.  Using a precision PCB® reference accelerometer mounted on the calibrated pendulous mass, instrumented impact hammers such as the 086 line of ICP® impact hammers from PCB Piezotronics are quickly and easily calibrated with their variety of impact tips and extender masses.

As an option to The Modal Shop’s accelerometer calibration workstation, the 9155D-961 impact hammer calibration system option integrates the pendulum hardware, reference transducers, and associated cabling with a 24-bit dynamic signal analyzer acquisition card and software that automates data acquisition, processing and reporting.  Using Microsoft Excel 2007 to generate calibration certificates, the user can easily modify the supplied template to create a customized presentation, such as adding a company logo or rearranging field order.  This provides both corporate and regional independent metrology labs with the capability to support their accelerometer users who also commonly have instrumented impact hammers in their sensor asset inventory.

The option is the latest expansion available for the full-featured 9155 accelerometer calibration workstation.  The modular 9155 platform supports the calibration of accelerometers and velocimeters, covering a range from 0.25 Hz to 50 kHz and 0.1 g to 10 kg, dependent upon the specific actuator.  Signal conditioning options support ICP®, charge, capacitive and piezo-resistive transducers.  In addition to the instrumented impact hammer option, software modules and actuator hardware are available for supporting dynamic force and dynamic pressure thereby greatly expanding the uses for the 9155 calibration workstation.  Innovation, quality and confidence in calibration systems along with the unique PCB Group Total Customer Satisfaction Guarantee has helped to establish The Modal Shop’s reputation as the leader in the dynamic sensor calibration market.  Visit the calibration family web page (/calibration.asp) for a complete listing of the calibration product line.

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