Manufacturing Processes and NDT Resonance Inspection

Achieve 100% Part Quality Inspection with NDT-RAM

Whole part testing via the Resonant Acoustic Method provides 100% in-line quality inspection and makes it possible to monitor trends in whole part integrity to identify potential process improvements for a wide range of manufacturing processes.


Powdered Metal

As an in-line, automated testing system, RAM reliably detects cracks, inclusions, missed secondary operations and other defects in powder metal parts, including automotive, industrial, aerospace, and medical powdered metal components and more.

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Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing

RAM Systems allow producers of additively manufactured metal or ceramic parts to inspect 100% of parts without the challenges and expense of CT.

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Metal Injected Molding

RAM detects variances such as cracks, voids, missing features and missing manufacturing processes in metal injected molded (MIM) or powdered metal injection molded (PIM) parts, providing 100% quality inspection of Medical Device Components and other MIM/PIM manufactured parts.

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Brazed or Welded Parts

Testing the structural integrity of complex powder metal parts joined via sinter braze is a critical step in ensuring the part will perform as designed. Detect incomplete braze infiltration, improper braze alloy, damaged or even missing braze pellets with RAM.

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Ductile Iron

Screen for nodularity in ductile iron parts with no immersion or part preparation using RAM. Avoid other time consuming or complicated methods of inspection such as visual sectioning or UT immersion.

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Cast Iron

Whole-body RAM testing objectively evaluates cast iron parts for cracks or other flaws without using costly techniques like magnetic particle or visual inspection.

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Metal Stamping Operations

Avoid slow, expensive visual inspection with fast, in-line whole body RAM testing for 100% quality inspection of stamped metal parts.

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