Vibration Switch Testing Using a Shaker Table

Test and Validate Vibration Monitoring Switches

Learn how to test and validate the proper operation of vibration switches, designed for vibration monitoring, utilizing a SmartSine™ Calibration Driver  Model 9000A, as well as a Shaker Table  Model K2075E-HT. The 4-20 mA vibration output can also be confirmed with a multi-meter, comparing to displayed values in the control room. In addition to vibration switches, a 9000A and a shaker table can be used to test a broad variety of heavy payload devices that are either too large or too heavy for testing using a traditional  Portable Vibration Calibrator.

Electronic vibration switches use a built-in precision accelerometer to accurately monitor vibration levels and protect critical assets such as motors, pumps, and fans used in industrial production environments. Electronic switches have a variety of features such as dual alert and alarm relays, 4-20 mA vibration output, and raw vibration signal for analysis. Their rugged piezoelectric sensing element and lack of moving parts make electronic vibration switches more accurate and reliable than mechanical vibration switches.