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More Shakers?
More Shakers?
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Vibration Shaker Selection Guide

The Modal Shop’s General Purpose vibration shakers are a proven solution for your vibration testing applications.  With force ratings of 7, 40, 75 and 110 lbf, these dual purpose shakers are suitable for both structural testing and modal applications. But before testing can begin, select a vibration shaker suited to your testing needs by answering the questions below.  Click each question for step by step instructions.

1. What is the total payload?

2. What is the required acceleration for testing?

3. Where do payload and acceleration intersect on the graphs below?

4. Is the displacement in range?

Example Calculation

Show Metric

Vibration Shaker Sine Graph lb

Vibration Shaker Random Graph lb

Please contact us with any questions about shaker selection at 513.351.9919 or email us your test requirements at