Digiducer® + Smartphone = Handheld Vibration Meter

USB Digital Accelerometer Turns Your Smartphone Into a Vibration Meter


Handheld vibration meters are the traditional portable solutions for taking vibration level measurements. These measurements are useful for detecting vibration issues in machinery. However, once issues are detected, further analysis often requires more detailed vibration data. Acquiring this necessary data typically means using extra equipment and bringing in a vibration consultant. This additional level of complication can increase costs as well as shutdown time.


vibration monitoring

Vibration monitoring required


The Digiducer® Digital Vibration Meter Kit’s wide range and accuracy captures machinery vibration events from imbalance to misalignment to bearing faults, gear mesh, and pump cavitation. With a hermetically sealed, stainless steel housing, the Digiducer USB Digital Accelerometer is built to survive in tough environments. The VibeCheck smartphone application supplied with the Digital Vibration Meter Kit comes with preset ISO vibration severity scales and alerts the user when vibration readings exceed acceptable thresholds. The application also creates PDF reports with images and isolates high frequency metal-to-metal impacts for easy identification.


digi k333d01 product 1

Measurement taken on VibeCheck app


With cross-platform capabilities and a magnetic mounting option, the Digital Vibration Meter Kit simplifies vibration analysis. The USB Digital Accelerometer utilizes state-of-the art piezoelectric sensing technology to provide accurate results in an easy-to-use format. In addition to enabling vibration level readings on mobile devices, this device can connect with most Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices to take a variety of measurements, including FFT analysis. The Digiducer is designed to work with a variety of recording software packages, making it a truly versatile tool for technicians in the field.


digi digiducer usb digital accelerometer application

Digital Vibration Meter Kit