Onsite Maintenance Checks | Digital USB Accelerometer

Onsite Maintenance Checks Simplified by Digiducer®

digiducer on dodge challengerWith Digiducer USB Digital Accelerometer plus a phone app, technicians in a wide range of industries have another vibration analysis tool in their toolbox. It’s one that can easily connect them with offsite experts or algorithms that can help diagnose specific issues, saving time and money.

  • Elevator maintenance technicians use Digiducer USB Accelerometer together with custom mobile apps to conduct ride quality checks and pinpoint maintenance issues, plus send data offsite for analysis if needed
  • Digiducer USB Accelerometer and the USB-ICP Signal Conditioner simplify automotive maintenance, identifying problem areas and collecting detailed vibration or acoustic data for on-the-spot use or further analysis
  • Analyze automobile engine vibration