Mid-Level Dynamic Pressure Sensor Calibration

Medium Range Amplitude Calibration | 907 Option

mid-level dynamic pressure system

The Medium Level Pressure Calibration Workstations perform pressure calibrations on a wide range of dynamic pressure sensors. The system is available as Option 9155D-907 for use with a Precision Sensor Calibration Workstation Model 9155D. It is also available as a standalone workstation Model K9907C that includes the Aronson pressure step actuator, data acquisition hardware, Windows PC, and software to automate test setup, data acquisition, data archiving, and report generation. The system provides step pressure pulses up to 1 000 psi (6.9 MPa) to the sensor under test and calculates sensitivity, linearity, and discharge time constant.



  • Assures accurate, traceable calibrations
  • Turnkey system includes all necessary components
  • Setup tests, acquire data, save results, and print reports quickly with precision and automation
  • Define pass/fail criteria for each test and automatically recall them from the internal database
  • Prints customizable ISO compliant certificates
  • Automates calibration procedures


  • Impact ballistics
  • Body armor & crash survival research
  • Turbine engine monitoring
  • Dynamic combustion measurements
  • Research laboratories


Download Datasheet | Download Specification Sheet

9155D-907 Option
Amplitude Range - psi (MPa)100 to 1 000 (0.07 to 6.9)
Typical Rise Time - mµsec20 to 40
Measurement TechniqueDynamic step pulse
Measurements SupportedSensitivity, amplitude linearity
Reference Sensor TypeStatic strain with digital indicator
Actuator Kit ModelK9907C

 The Medium Level Pressure Calibration Workstation Option 9155D-907 is based on two product lines with a rich heritage of calibration experience. The pressure actuator and measurement equipment have been in use for decades at PCB Piezotronics, while the data acquisition and automation software is based on the The Modal Shop’s 9155 Series of Sensor Calibration Workstations. The 9155D-907 adds pressure calibration capability to existing 9155D Precision Sensor Calibration Workstations. The K9907C offers a standalone pressure calibration system with mature measurement capability. In addition, the K9907C01 is offered as a retrofit package to existing customer owned PCB 907 Series calibration systems.