High Level Dynamic Pressure Sensor Calibration

High Range Amplitude Calibration | 913 Option

cal pressure k9913c high pressure productThe High Level Pressure Calibration Workstations feature accurate dynamic calibration of pressure sensors over a high pressure range (200 to 15 000 psi) using a stable tourmaline reference sensor. The system is available as Option 9155D-913 for use with a Precision Sensor Calibration Workstation Model 9155D. It is also available as a standalone workstation Model 9913C. A pressure impulse is simultaneously applied to both the reference and sensor under test (SUT) to determine the sensitivity of a pressure sensor at a particular amplitude. By varying the amplitude level, the linearity of the SUT can also be determined. Using a high quality data acquisition system, the system automatically measures, stores and reports calibration results on an ISO 17025 compliant calibration certificate.


  • Save time and improve efficiency with automated calibration
  • Turnkey system includes all needed components
  • Dynamically calibrate pressure transducers as they are used in the field
  • Improve accuracy by implementing curve fitting to impulse calibration data
  • Calibration data allows transducer trending for better instrumentation management
  • Create customizable ISO compliant certificates


  • Metrology laboratories
  • Research & development


Download Datasheet | Download Specification Sheet

9155D-913 Option
Amplitude Range - psi (MPa)200 to 15 000 (1.4 to 103.4)
Typical Rise Time - mµsec3
Measurement TechniqueDynamic impulse
Measurements SupportedSensitivity, amplitude linearity
Reference Sensor TypeTourmaline charge piezoelectric
Actuator Kit ModelK9913C

The High Level Pressure Calibration Workstations offers pressure calibration capabilities for existing 9155D Precision Sensor Calibration Workstations. The Option 9155D-913 includes the 9913 Hydraulic Impulse Calibrator, sensor, and software verification to the 9155 base system. The PC system controller and data acquisition hardware are core to the base 9155 workstation, while the -913 control software runs integrated with the 9155 user interface and database. Model K9913C01 upgrades a PCB Model 913B02 to a turnkey K9913C.