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9913C Hydraulic Impulse Calibrator
9913C Hydraulic Impulse Calibrator
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High Pressure Calibration System - K9913C

15,000 psi [100 MPa] Range

The K9913C Dynamic Pressure Calibration System offers accurate dynamic calibration of pressure sensors over a pressure range of 200 to 15,000 psi using a stable tourmaline reference sensor.  A pressure impulse is simultaneously applied to both the reference and sensor under test (SUT) to determine the sensitivity of a pressure sensor at a particular amplitude.  By varying the amplitude level, the linearity of the SUT can also be determined.  Using a high quality data acquisition system, the K9913C automatically measures, stores and reports the calibration results on an ISO 17025 compliant calibration certificate.

  • Saves time and improves efficiency by automating calibration routine
  • Integrated system includes all needed components
  • Dynamically calibrates pressure transducers
  • Improves accuracy and consistency by implementing curve fitting to impulse calibration data
  • Calibration data allows transducer trending for better instrumentation management

In addition, the 9155D-913 adds pressure calibration capability to existing 9155D Accelerometer Calibration Workstations.

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