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Worldwide Sound and Vibration Rentals

Providing Testing Solutions Around the Globe

Are you in need of equipment for a one-time test?  Are you interested in testing new equipment prior to purchase?  Do you need to expand your channel count?

The Modal Shop has a warehouse full of quality, calibrated equipment to serve as solutions to your challenges.  Our Rental Program formed the foundation of our business.   After 25 years serving the sound and vibration community, our range of test equipment continues to grow each year.  As part of the PCB Group of companies, we bring you access to market leading, precision instrumentation.  From an extensive selection of accelerometers available across a wide frequency range to modal and vibration shakers to sound level meters, we are here to help simplify your testing needs.

Renting internationally can seem daunting.  How long will it take equipment to arrive?  Will the days spent in transit be considered part of the rental period? How will I return an order? 

We’ve worked with customers around the globe to develop a process that is both quick and efficient.  With your requested date of arrival in hand, we will determine the appropriate type of shipment.  Your rental will not technically begin until you have the equipment in hand – we want you to have as much time for testing as possible.  When you’re ready to return your rental, our team is here to assist you with paperwork and commercial invoicing.  Once the equipment is received at our warehouse, your rental will be at an end.  Simple, straightforward, designed to make your testing as easy as possible.

Why would you choose The Modal Shop? 

We understand test.  We know the complexity of the work you are doing.  As a group of engineers, we have had the same experiences.  Our application engineering team provides the expertise to help you solve the challenges ahead.  This knowledge, coupled with an extensive range of available equipment, will ensure that you have the right instrumentation for your test…  every time.  Sensor rentals come with an accredited calibration – all rentals come with the accessories you’ll need for a successful test.       

Where do I find more information on available solutions?

Click here to download a copy of the Sound and Vibration Rental Selection Guide.  You can also browse through our site for the most up-to-date information on all available equipment.  If there is something specific you are interested in renting, but don’t see on our site, please contact our team.  We are often able to help with special requests!