How to Wind Sensor Cables

Over/Under Method Extends Cable Life

Here is the correct way to wrap and store your cables. It's known as the over/under method. Start by holding one end of the cable in your submissive hand with the connector facing you. Use your dominant hand to grab a section of cable then make one normal loop back up to your submissive hand. Next, grab the same length of cable with your dominant hand again. This time, though, make a loop twisting the cable in an inverted direction while bringing it back to meet up with your submissive hand holding the loop. Follow this with a regular loop and then another inverted loop repeating this process until the cable is rolled up. This way you introduce a twist followed by an inverted twist, thereby making the net twists on the entire length of cable equal to zero. Not only does this greatly extend the life of your cable, now, when you unroll it, it will spread out without any tangles or kinks on its own. This saves time during setup which is always crucial.

Note: Adapted from ZeSoundSuite Dot Com blog