Sound Level Meter Software Solutions

Simplifying Noise Measurements with G4 LD Utlility

The SoundAdvisor™ Sound Level Meter Model 831C can be operated from the device itself, so why use Larson Davis' G4 Utility Software to setup or operate a meter?

  1. Connect to multiple meters: Is more than one meter needed? Save a setup in G4 and then transfer to as many meters as necessary. Connect to meters via USB, Wi-Fi, 4G via SW RV50, Ethernet, or Special SDK solutions and easily switch between connected devices.

  2. Remotely manage a meter: Change meter settings, start and end measurements, view data, perform a check on meter health, and stream live audio from the office while the meter is in the field.

  3. Store meter setup: Save frequently used meter settings or archive setup files for future use. The same setup can be recalled and quickly uploaded to a meter the next time a meter is rented/used.

  4. Update a meter's firmware: Ensure the meter is performing at its best by updating to the latest firmware right from your desk, without sending the meter back to the manufacturer.

  5. View results: See graphical representations of sound data. Listen to sound recordings directly by interacting with the graphs and data in G4.

Find the free-to-download  G4 Utility Software hereContact us for more information on selecting the appropriate sound monitoring system for your needs.