Record Noise Events Louder than Background Threshold

Sound Level Meter Dynamic Triggering

Dynamic Triggering Events Graph

An event is triggered when the measured Leq exceeds the dynamic trigger level (background noise + defined offset) for longer than the minimum duration defined in the meter setup.

Need to make sound recordings of events in an environment with varying background noise? SoundAdvisor™ Model 831C Sound Level Meter went on vacation to record loons for the express purpose of helping our customers understand dynamic triggering for sound recordings.

Dynamic triggering allows the SoundAdvisor to record noise events that are a user-specified number of decibels louder than background noise. The G4 LD Utility software makes it easy to look at just the events of interest and to correlate sound with data in post-processing. Take a look at this "loony" video to see how!

Setting Up the SoundAdvisor 831C Meter to Make the Recordings

Want to see how we used Larson Davis' free G4 Utility to set up the SoundAdvisor Sound Level Meter Model 831C to get these results?

Physical Setup

Check out this video to see how to set up the microphone on a tripod using the EPS2116 Environmental Protection Kit.

Want to Learn More about Loons?

Learn about the different loon calls and what they mean from  The Cornell Lab of Ornithology or  The Loon Preservation Committee.