NDT-RAM System Calibration

Quality Inspection Confidence with System Calibration

Calibrating an NDT-RAM™ system ensures that the sensor and associated measurement channels are operating per intended specifications. Calibration is a process that certifies the consistency and repeatability of the NDT-RAM™ system.

Most manufacturing quality systems (such as ISO 9000) contain a clause on control of measuring, inspection, and test equipment that leads to calibrating your system every year.  In addition, companies, especially large automotive companies, often require audits of their suppliers. The Modal Shop offers three options for NDT-RAM™ system calibration:


  • Onsite calibration service performed by The Modal Shop's technicians
    • NDT-CAL1-Service: System calibration service using standard equipment
    • NDT-CAL2-Service: System calibration service using equipment calibrated by 17025 accredited laboratory


  • Purchase a calibration kit for on-demand system calibration and certification
    • Recommended when multiple systems are obtained


  • Rent a calibration kit for temporary use


Calibration Kits | for Purchase or Rent

  • NDT-CAL1 – Standard calibration kit
  • NDT-CAL2 – Calibration kit including equipment calibrated in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for compliance with OEM expectations