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NDT-RAM Systems Selection Guide
Quality with NDT-RAM
Quality with NDT-RAM
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Resonant Acoustic Method System Calibration

Calibrating a system confirms that the sensor and associated measurement channels are operating per intended specifications. Calibration is a process that certifies the consistency and repeatability of the NDT-RAM™ system.

Most manufacturing quality systems (such as ISO 9000) contain a clause on control of measuring, inspection and test equipment that leads to calibrating your system every year.  There are four different options offered by The Modal Shop for system calibration.

  • Hire TMS field engineers to perform an on-site field calibration and receipt of inspection
  • Purchase the NDT-CAL1 calibration kit as an additional option when purchasing your system for on-site field calibration and certification
    • includes the tools and instructions needed to calibrate your own system on-site
    • recommended for purchase when multiple systems are obtained
  • Rent the calibration kit for your one time use
  • Send your system back to The Modal Shop for full factory calibration

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