SmartShaker Reduces Excitation System Weight and Bulk

May 17, 2022, 08:53 AM by System
May 17, 2022

SmartShaker™, available from The Modal Shop Inc. - A PCB Group Company, is a state-of-the-art, integrated, miniature mechanical exciter solution.  The K2007E01 vibration exciter contributes to precise modal testing or vibration studies, while offering a uniquely integrated power amplifier design that eliminates the bulk, weight and size of traditional stand alone linear power amplifiers.  The SmartShaker, with an integrated amplifier, has the same small footprint as the other mini-shakers from TMS and weighs just 7 pounds (3.1 kg).  Compared to conventional shaker systems, it completely eliminates the weight and rack space required by traditional amplifiers.  The integrated unit’s small overall size sets a new standard for flexibility and usability in miniature shakers.  It is rapidly becoming the most popular portable solution for university test laboratories and benchtop vibration studies.

By integrating solid-state power amplifier electronics into the shaker, The Modal Shop has allowed the shaker system to be driven directly from any sound source.  The concept of amplifier integration is similar to ICP® amplifier innovation implemented by PCB over 40 years ago.  PCB Piezotronics miniaturized and moved the charge amplifier, essential to sensor performance, inside the sensor’s packaging.  This integration of microelectronics became the world renowned ICP sensor, ultimately making measurements less expensive and more reliable.  In much the same way, expense and reliability are universal concerns with traditional small shakers whose fragile flexure armature support systems frequently fracture and require repair.  The SmartShaker flexure suspension arms are built from rugged carbon fiber composite, providing overall improvements in dependability and performance.  As such, the specifications of the K2007E01 SmartShaker allow nearly double the force rating (7 lbf / 31 N) and usable stroke (½ inch / 13 mm) of traditional miniature shakers. 

Other innovations offered by the SmartShaker include:

  • 92% ultra-efficient operation for low power consumption 
  • Ergonomic EasyTurn handles for simple shaker positioning
  • Multiple gain settings and system “mute” are selectable via integrated digital control
  • Smart monitoring of amplifier clipping, overcurrent and overheating with automatic shutdown for protection
  • Each unit supplied with stinger kit and rugged carrying case
  • Small DC universal power supply

Along with the K2007E01, the K2004E01 model, a four-pound force exciter option, offers extended high frequency performance.

The SmartShaker™ models are the latest members of the full line of electrodynamic exciters and SmartAmplifiers™ from The Modal Shop.  Each shaker in the line is delivered as a complete kit.  All necessary accessories are included for easy setup: cable, trunnion mounting base and a variety of stinger kits.  Based on both PCB Group’s Total Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and a commitment to stocking product for quick delivery, TMS has gained a reputation as the fastest growing manufacturer in the portable shaker market.  For complete specifications, videos and data sheets on the entire line of vibration excitation products, visit the shaker family web page.

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