Small Part Quality Inspection Product Leverages Sound

May 17, 2022, 08:53 AM by System
May 17, 2022

Cincinnati, OH - March 26, 2013 - The Drop Test Fixture, Model NDT-DTF2 Resonant Inspection System, allows automated sorting and quality testing of small metal injection molded (MIM), powder injection molded (PIM) and other small parts by using a non-destructive testing technology called Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAM™).

The principle behind NDT-RAM is simple. Every part has a unique resonant signature or pattern that reflects its composition. Any deviation from the expected signature indicates the presence of structural inconsistencies commonly due to flaws or mechanical variations. An intuitive example is a cracked bell that no longer sounds quite right, lacking a clear ring and unable to hold its tone. 

The NDT-DTF2 can be easily automated for part handling with bowl feeders or vibratory tables, and integrated into a production line. The device is instrumented with a laboratory grade force sensor, microphone and digital signal analyzer packaged in a rugged design suitable for manufacturing environments. The system is supplied standard with a laptop PC, and is available with an optional industrial PC mounted on a swivel arm.

This easy-to-use NDT system can detect inconsistencies and imperfections or flaws such as cracks, missing features and mixed parts. It can also detect if processes have been missed, such as a machining or heat treating operation.

With throughput typically as fast as approximately three seconds per part, the NDT-DTF2 provides a means for objective sorting that requires no human interpretation. A simple pass/fail result is returned by the system controller and parts are automatically sorted via a controlled servo motor.

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