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The Modal Shop, Inc. Redefines Proximity Probe Calibration

May 17, 2022, 08:53 AM by System
May 17, 2022

The Modal Shop, Inc., a global calibration authority for more than 20 years, has revolutionized the verification of alarm thresholds on vibration protection systems that utilize proximity probes (Eddy current probes) with the release of its easy-to-use portable vibration calibrators with proximity probe mounting kit. 

Models 9100D and 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrators have gained global popularity in petrochemical and power generation applications thanks to superior:

* Ease of use, leading to quicker verifications

* Accuracy, with ISO 17025 accredited calibration and NIST-traceable reference

* Dynamic displacement simulation range

With critical high-speed turbines, an extra mil, or a few extra microns of shaft vibration can spell trouble. The Modal Shop offers +/- 3% displacement accuracy, making the 9100 Series the most accurate.

Battery powered and lightweight, the units are ideal for field verification of proximity probes thanks to a simplified mounting technique and displacement amplitude adjustment. The probe holder accommodates 5-, 8- and 11-mm probe tip sizes. Displacement is displayed on screen in mils or microns and can be precisely adjusted with the turn of a dial, allowing both alert and alarm thresholds to be confirmed quickly with minimal set-up time. Rotating shaft vibration can be simulated at precise running speeds as the non-contact displacement sensors are confirmed with the American Petroleum Institute (API) 670 recommended 4140 steel target.

Capable of 50 mils peak-to-peak displacement (1.27 mm peak-to-peak), The Modal Shop's 9100 Series has the most dynamic range of any portable proximity probe calibrator on the market. Thrust probes, traditionally checked statically versus known gaps, can now be verified dynamically at practical displacement levels. Vibration can also be scaled in acceleration or velocity, making it the ideal tool for checking everything within the predictive maintenance instrumentation spectrum.

Model 9110D creates ISO 17025-compliant calibration certificates (linearity and frequency response) for proximity probes, accelerometers and velocity sensors. Certificates are created in Microsoft Excel® with a few clicks of the mouse. No additional software is required.  

About The Modal Shop, Inc. 

Based in Cincinnati, OH, The Modal Shop, Inc. a PCB Group Company, manufactures electrodynamic shakers, structural test products, calibration systems and non-destructive testing systems for a range of industries from metrology to manufacturing. For more information on our Portable Vibration Calibrator Series as well as other available systems, visit our calibration web page at  

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