Turn Your Smart Phone into a Vibration Analyzer

Digital Tool for Condition Monitoring

Getting inconsistent data with a press-on vibration meter? Need better data to help with diagnosing faults? Watch our on-demand webinar learn how your smart phone can become a vibration analyzer or simple vibration meter ideal for any route-based predictive maintenance program. At the heart of the Digital Vibration Meter Kit is the rugged Digiducer® USB Digital Accelerometer. Included VibeCheck app with built-in ISO vibration severity scales alerts the user when vibration readings exceed acceptable thresholds. Easily create and share reports from a mobile device. The USB Digital Accelerometer’s wide range and accuracy captures machinery vibration events from imbalance to misalignment to bearing faults, gear mesh, and pump cavitation.

As a hardware and software package, Digiducer Digital Vibration Meter Kit Model K333D01-VM simplifies machine vibration monitoring.

  • Detect machine imbalance, misalignment, bearing faults, gear mesh, or pump cavitation
  • Perform route-based predictive maintenance
  • Perform machine vibration analysis