Reliable Vibration Meter Readings

Digital Vibration Meter Offers Superior Accuracy, Repeatability, and Convenience vs. Vibration Pens

While seemingly simple to use, press-on vibration meters – also known as “vibration pens” – introduce high potential for inaccuracy and inconsistency due to the mounting technique. Technicians must consistently use the device at a perpendicular angle while maintaining a constant force. This is difficult for one technician, let alone a team of I&C professionals all utilizing a device that requires we mount it “just right.”

Vibration Meters – such as Digital Vibration Meter Kit Model K333D01-VM from The Modal Shop - that utilize magnetic accelerometer mounting techniques improve accuracy and consistency of readings. These meters can be trusted to provide vibration trend data and confirm questionable readings in the control room.

In this video we:

  • Demonstrate the inconsistency of readings when a Fluke 805 Handheld Vibration Tester is mounted at an angle
  • Highlight inaccurate measurements when an old SKF vibration pen is mounted at an angle
  • Provide an overview of Digital Vibration Meter Kit Model K333D01-VM from The Modal Shop
  • Demonstrate and discuss the accuracy and repeatability of the Digital Vibration Meter Kit Model K333D01-VM  due to its magnetic mounting technique
  • Review the free VibeCheck smart phone application that is utilized with Model K333D01-VM

Digital Vibration Meter Kit Model K333D01 is a truly disruptive technology. By combining the accuracy of a digital piezoelectric accelerometer with the functionality of modern smart phones the product provides repeatable and accurate overall vibration measurements at a fraction of the price of traditional vibration meters. In addition, users are an inexpensive app upgrade away from adding the capability to capture FFTs or time waveforms.