Electronic Vibration Switch Field Test and Adjustment

Programming and Validation of Critical Alarms

Electronic vibration switches protect critical motors, pumps and fans used in industrial production environments. Electronic switches have a variety of features such as dual alert and alarm relays, 4-20 mA vibration output and raw vibration signal for analysis. Electronic switches often feature a rugged piezoelectric sensing element and no moving parts, making them more accurate and reliable than mechanical vibration switches.

Learn how the relays on  IMI Sensors' Series 685B Electronic Vibration Switch can be tested and programmed to precise vibration thresholds using The Modal Shop's Model 9100D Portable Shaker Table. The 4-20 mA vibration output and 100 mV/g raw vibration signal can also be confirmed with a multi-meter, comparing to displayed values in the control room or with a portable vibration analyzer.