Low Frequency Seismic Accelerometer Calibration

Portable Shakers Facilitate System Validation

Low Frequency, High Sensitivity Seismic Accelerometer Calibration

An industry exclusive, Low Frequency Portable Shaker Tables and Vibration Calibrators from The Modal Shop provide NIST-traceable excitation at frequencies as low as 0.7 Hz (42 CPM). Models 9200D and  9210D are each rugged, portable devices that can be transported out of the lab and into the test site. Before a critical seismic test, engineers and technicians can utilize these shakers to simulate vibration at their frequencies of interest, ensuring that transducers, cabling, and data acquisition systems are correct.

Model 9210D is also capable of generating ISO 16063-21 compliant frequency response (sweep) calibration certificates. It is the only portable vibration calibrator capable of testing high sensitivity accelerometers below 5 Hz. Calibration reports are made utilizing a Microsoft Excel® macro-enabled workbook. No additional software is required.

The video above showcases Model 9210D as it is used to calibrate the Model 393B12 high sensitivity 10000 mV/g accelerometer manufactured by  PCB Piezotronics. In our test, the PCB accelerometer – utilized for building and floor vibration monitoring, earthquake detection, and structural testing of bridges and foundations – maintains its sensitivity at all test points down to 1 Hz within +/- 1%, showing that it outperforms its specification.

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