Mounting Proximity Probes for Field Testing and Calibration

Confirm Vibration Alarms with a Portable Shaker Table

The Modal Shop’s proximity probe adaptor kit for series 9000 portable vibration calibrators comes with all the accessories needed to mount proximity probes with either 5 mm or 8 mm probe tip diameter. Unfortunately since 5 mm and 8 mm proximity probes can come with a variety of different case threads and lengths, this makes the kit appear daunting to the first time user. In this video, Industrial Applications Engineer Mike Scott explains how to mount proximity probes while giving some helpful novice advice to make the process faster and easier.

The models 9100D and 9110D portable vibration calibrators are the most advanced proximity probe field test devices available, offering the following features:

  • Battery power, with up to 18 hours battery life
  • Displacement display in mils or microns on LED screen, no micrometer required
  • Displacement control with the simple turn of a dial…no micrometer required
  • Variable speed control and display, test sensors at machine running speed in CPM
  • Simulate real turbine and compressor vibration, confirming entire measurement system from probe to cabling to alarms
  • Easy mounting, insert the probe once and tighten the bracket, dial control quickly adjusts to vibration alert then alarm
  • Creates dynamic linearity test reports for safety and insurance audits (9110D only)

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