Vibration Analysis Kits

Third Party Hardware + Software Solutions

The following companies supply complete solutions including reselling of the Digiducer sensor.

  • iTnnovate
  • Pioneer Hill Software LLC
  • Virtins Technology
  • Dr. Jordan Design - Audio Measurement Solutions
  • Update International

  • iTnnovate – Portable Vibration Monitoring and Analysis Solution

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    vib cloud logo is a hosted vibration monitoring and analysis solution. By encapsulating route data collection, onsite alarms, equipment history, vibration data analysis, and insightful dashboard demonstrates a powerful solution for reliability-centered maintenance. Its architecture is based on three main pillars: Android mobile application, vibration sensor, and cloud-based web application. To start utilizing, all you need is: a user account, Android 6+ mobile device, a Digiducer accelerometer sensor, and access to the Internet. Features

    • High sampling rate, Filtering, Windowing, Averaging
    • Waveform Recording
    • FFT Spectra : Acceleration, Velocity, Demodulation
    • Frequency Range - Up to 20 kHz
    • High Resolution Spectra - Up to 12800 lines
    • RMS Alarms Set Up as per ISO 10816
    • Equipment Setup
    • Inspection Templates
    • Criticality and Status
    • Route Data Collection
    • Instant Alarms and Limits
    • Dashboard
    • Analysis
    • Interactive Map
    • Live Reporting
    • Secure Access

    Pioneer Hill Software LLC

    SpectraPLUS - Acoustic Vibration and Signal Analysis

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    digiducer and spectraplus

    SpectraPlus offers a software package that has been optimized specifically for use with the 333D01 Smart Sensor to constitute seamless data collection. SpectraPlus also offers a complete solution (software and sensor included), if desired.

    SpectraPlus Features

    • Real-Time FFT analysis of live input
    • Record, Playback and Post Process WAV files
    • Displays: Time Series, Spectrum, Spectrogram, 3-D Surface, Phase
    • Full Featured Dual Channel Signal Generator
    • High Resolution FFT Analysis up to 1,048,576 pts
    • Up to 24 bit precision (hardware dependent)
    • Digital Filtering, Distortion Analysis, Transfer Functions
    • Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement
    • Data Logging
    • Advanced Programming API

    Virtins Technology

    Multi-Instrument Test and Measurement System

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    Virtins software chart for digi and windows

    The Multi-Instrument system is extremely powerful, flexible, customizable, yet cost-effective. Simply through software configuration without any coding, it is possible to achieve custom functions that can only be realized through custom software development using programming tools such as Labview, Matlab, C++, etc. A properly configured Multi-Instrument system will meet your every need in test, measurement, monitoring and control.

    Multi-Instrument Test and Measurement System Features

    • Oscilloscope
    • Spectrum Analyzer
    • Signal Generator
    • Multimeter
    • Vibrometer
    • Spectrum 3D Plot
    • Data Logger
    • LCR Meter
    • Device Test Plan
    • DDP Viewer
    • Sensor Sensitivity
    • Reference Curves
    • File Import and Export
    • Data Merging and Extraction
    • Multilingual UI
    jordan design software and digiducer

    Dr. Jordan Design, specialists in audio measurements, offers a comprehensive analysis software fully optimized for use with the 333D01 Smart Sensor. Dr. Jordan Design also offers a complete solution (software and sensor included), if desired.

    Akulap Vibro Features

    • High Resolution FFT Analyzer < 0.003 Hz
    • Permanent Calibration
    • Bandwidth DC to 20 kHz
    • Record Vibration Data Via Laptop/Tablet
    • Rich set of DSP functions, weighting, filtering, trigger etc.
    • Requires Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32/64-bit)

    Update International

    Vibration Analysis System

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    dt6 logo for digi

    The new DT6 Vibration Analysis System is a breakthrough in vibration analysis. While Time and Frequency plots say a lot about machine condition, they can also be misleading and phase is necessary for the complete picture. Yet, phase data collection, documentation and analysis can be too cumbersome to bother. The DT6 changes all that. One simple touch provides 6 channels of acquisition, automated phase synchronization/adjustment and relationship rule processing, telling you what it all means. The optional Digiducer allows High Frequency (above 8k Hz) & regular vibration data to be acquired simultaneously, getting an even more completely picture without spending any extra time taking readings.