Digiducer Customer Testimonials

USB Digital Accelerometer Simplifies Vibration Measurements


E. Ricciardi, Procter & Gamble

Sensor is great, very much simplifies the work I do. I usually use this as a first pass at any vibration problem and I, or someone in my team, use it on a weekly basis.


J. Sun, Cosen Saws

This completely changes the game for cloud based machine monitoring systems.... With our technology, both operators and management will know the remaining useful life on a band saw blade. Gone are the days of tracking machine hours and accumulated cutting area. Now you have advance knowledge of the days and hours before a replacement saw blade is required.


B. Miller, IVC Technologies

As an industrial vibration consultant time is money. With nothing more than my iPhone and a Digiducer, I can literally setup on a machine, take a great transient data set and have it sent to my notebook to analyze in a matter of minutes.


R. Allen, CD Consulting

The Digiducer 333D01 transducer is working fine. I am currently using it with my iPhone 6 Plus with a Vibration App purchased from the Apple App store. Everything works fine and I have checked its accuracy against a calibrated shaker as well as a PCB accelerometer connected to a National Instruments DAQ using Labview. I found it to be within 1% accuracy for most of the frequencies I checked, with the worst accuracy of 3% between 2 to 4 HZ.

In the future, I plan on using it connected to my Microsoft Surface Pro tablet through it’s USB connection and analyzing the signal in Labview. 

We use the probe primarily for rotating equipment vibration (pumps, compressors, turbines, and associated piping) which we do field and problem solving on in our consulting business along with our National Instrument equipment.  Being extremely portable with the iPhone, this allows us flexibility in reaching some difficult places to physically reach as well as some piping vibration at elevated heights.


J. Elliot, Third Floor Consultants, LLC

Because of the way the hardware interface was implemented (USB Sound) the Digiducer is truly cross platform. No specialized drivers other than standard audio drivers are required. This has made for a straightforward implementation.

This device changes the game in terms of low channel count but high quality acquisition. Rather than require a separate data acquisition system with IEPE, variable sample rate and anti-aliasing filters, this device provides it's own. Not only does it represent a reduction of cost but also of form factor.