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Digiducer USB Digital Accelerometer

Model 333D01

Digiducer's Model 333D01 USB Digital Accelerometer simplifies vibration measurements. The Model 333D01 is the first fully integrated and ruggedized packaging of a high-resolution, broad-frequency piezoelectric accelerometer with integrated internal 24-bit DC digital output. Taking reliable, quality vibration measurements is as simple as recording audio input on a tablet or PC. The 333D01 Piezolelectric USB Digital Accelerometer serves as a new high fidelity tool for the test, industrial and app specific markets. More information can be found on the Digiducer website.

Digiducer with Phone

Let Digiducer simplify your vibration measurements:

  • Compact size allows for complex measurements without large amounts of equipment
  • Easy to get started as a plug-and-play device
  • Multifunctional, cross platform sensor allows for versatile and simplified measurements
  • Useful for diverse applications across all levels of vibration expertise
  • USB capabilities make measuring vibration and investigating machinery condition easy

Digiducer is designed to help you achieve your vibration measurement goals:

  • Works with Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and Mac OS
  • Couples with software for an easy-to-use Vibration Analyzer
  • Records vibration data via laptop or tablet
  • Uses existing operating system drivers – no download required
  • Piezoelectric ruggedness and extended dynamic range
  • Frequency response up to 8 kHz
  • 24-bit internal ADC
  • Supported by a variety of independent software vendors and apps